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This is the perfect place to put all of the information you want people to see. Hours, Location, Bio, About Your Product, etc. Anything you want your site to say, this is the place to say it.


Logo: Top left corner, can be replaced with any .jpg, .png, .svg, or .gif you want.

Title: Top center, can be replaced with any word string you want. Font can be changed to your liking. You can find all available fonts at Google Fonts. Just find one you like, and tell us the name when you order. If you want us to choose, we will select a font that fits your page well.

Follow!: Top right corner, can be replaced with any other service you want. Please make sure to include the account name you want to use so we can link into it.

Color Lines: Three seperate lines separate the portions of the page, and can be any color you want. You can give us anything from a Hex code to an RGBA code to a color name, such as purple. When we are done, it will look great!

Main Image: This can be changed to any .jpg, .png, or .svg you wish. We do not recommend .gifs for this large an area, simply because of inherent quality issues.

Triple Description These can be any single word, or short phrase, you want. "Funny" "Marvelous" "Cute"; "Rock On" "Local Music" "Festival Night", etc. We will adjust their size and position to work well with the main image. You can specify color, and font, just like above.

Main Portion: This is what you are reading. The ivory-to-grey-to-ivory gradient behind the white page can be changed to other colors, or a solid color. The white background can be changed to any color you want, as can the color of the font. Font can be changed in the same manner as the Title font above. This is also the place where your content will sit, so you will need to provide us with the words you want us to use.

Image With Text: That's the woman looking picture in this text. Any image format will do, and the border color will be the same as the Lines above.

Footer: Will include copyright notice, so be sure to specify the name you want the copyright in. Both pictures can be replaced with anything you want, following the guidelines above. Also, font can be changed, as well as text color.

Please remember, images, as well as any part of the text, can be made into links to other webpages. Please specify these requirements on the order page.

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