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ThunderTemplate™ vs. Custom Coded?

That depends solely on what you need your site to do for you. Are you a sole-proprietership looking for a one page site to tell people about your business? If so, choose a ThunderTemplate™. Are you a corporation that needs special coding to meet your customer's needs? If so, choose Custom Coded. Are you somewhere in the middle, and not sure what you need? Then talk to us. We will help you decide, and help you keep it within your budget!

What ever you ultimatly choose, you will always get the unstinting, hand-coded quality of a genuine ThunderStruck Website!


Our exclusive ThunderTemplates™ combine the best of both worlds...the quality and service of hand-coding, with the low cost availability of template based sites.

Using a ThunderTemplate™ is extremely easy. All you do is tell us which template you want, what you want placed in the changable options, and where the site will go when it's ready. That's it!!

Particular details about each available option, as well as actual prices for our ThunderTemplates™, can be found here.

Custom-Coded is a great example of our Custom Coding work.

When you order a custom website from us, we provide you with a free consultation, and a sample home-page built with the information you give us. Once you approve the sample, and agree to the work, payment options are discussed, and decided upon.

We are very flexible when it comes to payments. Besides paying in full, we often consider monthly payments, profit percentages, etc. Our goal is to make this process as simple as possible for you. As soon as the financial details are decided upon, we fine-tune the sample page to your specifications, then build the rest of your perfect site.

Below, is the step-by-step cost breakdown, so you get an idea of the cost of your new site. Please remember, all prices on this page are estimates only. We need to discuss what you need to determine the actual price.

All Custom Coded sites include a cloud storage system installed directly to your server. You can't get more secure, or convenient, than that!

System Set-Up

$300 - Assuming the SSL and Database are built into your host. If not, it will take more work.

This is the first step. This is where we get your site online. You purchase your domain name, as well as the hosting. Don't worry, we walk you through it.

Once you own the site and the server space, we link into it with FTP/SFTP for uploading files. We then put a simple landing page on your site, so you can start advertising immediately.

Here's where we install the SSL Security, upload the ownCloud cloud storage system to the site, and create whatever databases you need.

Although performed later, this price also includes the .xml sitemap needed for the search engines, as well as the registration of your site in Google and Bing.

Page Structure & Styling

$300-$1000 for the first page, and $150 for each subsequent page.

The first page is always the hardest, because it sets the mechanism, and style, for the entire site. That is, unless you want a completely different style for every page, which is much more expensive.

Once the first page is right, then it's just a matter of putting the relative content into its proper place.

All webpages from Thunderstruck Web Design are fully mobile-responsive, meaning that they will work on all the popular devices...without user frustration.

Pages also include out-of-date browser warnings, so your customers will know if their browser is too old to handle today's web.

These prices do not include store-front work, as that is totally different from HTML, and depend solely on your requirements.

Page Content

Varies, but frequently $0

This is hard to say. Are you going to write your page content, or are we? Who's doing your logo? What about the pictures, videos, and documents?

As we do a lot of writing for this job, the copy from our office is excellent. If we write your website, it will cost approximately $100 per page.

We do great 2D Logos, but we avoid 3D and Photoshop. Pricing will be determined by the complexity of the logo you need. A specialized design may require a graphic designer.

We have access to millions of free-for-commercial-use photos that work great for general photography. If you need specialized photos for products, you'll need to source those elsewhere.

So with all that said, if you have your pages written, a logo ready, and you only need general pics from our sources, content won't cost you anything here.


$400 set-up, and $150 per extra form.

We use the Form system. Not only does it work well, but it's free for life, and has no submission limits. Most systems make you pay a monthly fee to accept a limited amount of submissions!

The set up includes installation of the system, creation of a contact form, and the styling of the form to match your site.

External Services

$100 each

Need MailChimp for a newsletter, and then their subscription form? Looking for a Twitter account for your business, but not sure how to get started? We will set them up for you. Just tell us what you need. We can help.



The extras range from simple weather, to extremely complex store-fronts. You can figure that weather, clocks, calendars, counters, etc. will be included in the price of building your pages, provided they are not time consuming.

Photo albums vary on the type, and the amount, of pictures. If you want 6 pictures put into a slideshow, that's just part of the page. But if you want 5,000 pictures across different pages, then we are going to have to discuss out-of-the-box prices!

Store-fronts are very complex. Some require you to give them a percentage (better to use eBay!). Many of the free ones are good, but don't always work on particular hosts' servers. Pricing and options will need to be discussed.

Continued Work/Odd Jobs


Need your site updated frequently, and don't have the time? Have a site that needs some work? Tell us what you need, and we'll talk price!

So, to wrap it...

Using the prices on this page, at face value, this 5 page site (Home, Website Truths, Pricing, Contact, and ThunderTemplates) would cost $2150. ($300 set up + $600 1st page + $450 extra 3 pages + $400 content + $400 contact form = $2150).

What would we have billed you for this website? Probably $2000, because once we get rolling, all these different steps just run together as one large project!

Too much? Let's talk. Maybe this site includes something you don't need!

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